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 CJ Vexx (Legacy)
                        AIM: RmgdnX or Myth and Rumor ... 1/30/2001 4:01:41 PM

                        *Waking up, Im very aware of what happened last night. My
                        chest aches, strangely enough though, my back doesnt hurt. The
                        first thing Im aware of is a humming noise, and this light feel of
                        static under my arms and neck. Theyre exposed. Its odd, I feel
                        like Im floating. The second thing Im aware of is that someone's in
                        the room. I dont know how, because I dont think theyre moving.
                        But its that presence, that sense that your not alone. I take a
                        breath, staving off that feeling that IM suffocating. And then they

~Christopher.~ Its Jordan. What's he doing here? I thought he would have long forgotten about me, with
his children being born and all. Amazing, I work towards full wakefullness, but its not easy to come by.*

~Take it easy, son. Give yourself time.~

*He does that odd mind-speak thing of his. I feel a hand on my shoulder, and complete confusion from
his behaviour. Turning my head even slightly sends a tingle down my back. Not a pleasant feeling, but not
the agony I was in yesterday afternoon, before the pills.*

~Try not to move. Theyve got you suspended on an airbed. That's why it feels odd. Just relax as much
as you can.~

*He sounds concerned, even in my mind. Worries me a bit. I shouldnt have done this. I should have
called the doctor instead of swallowing a bottle of pills. I should have...I could have...thats my litany, I
keep stumbling around.*

CJ Vexx (Legacy)
                        AIM: RmgdnX or Myth and Rumor ... 1/30/2001 4:12:25 PM

                        *Several minutes pass as I try to waken myself further. He doesnt
                        move. He makes a couple adjustments, at one point, I realize that
                        Im unable to move from my waist down, paralyzed, and my pulse
                        soars with the adrenalized fear. It happened...*

                        ~Careful Christopher, no, no...its induced, so you dont move~
                        *He puts a hand on my face, hoping the contact will help to calm
                        me. But it does, his words, and assurances, here's where Im glad
                        he has that idiot ability to know my thoughts.*

~Im sorry, CJ, I should have been here for you. Long before this could have happened.~ *Hes starting
this. Hoping I can understand, and let him justify it.*

 CJ Vexx (Legacy)
                        AIM: RmgdnX or Myth and Rumor ... 1/30/2001 4:25:24 PM

                        ~I got you the best doctors. The best hospital, everything you
                        need. You dont need to worry, Ive taken care of everything.
               want, when they let you go home, you come to the
                        White House. Enough people there to look after you. Stella will
                        help. Shes been in and out since last night.~

                        *Stella, Id nearly forgotten about her. I do like her. Shes been a
                        part of the family since I was a little boy. Maybe it wouldnt be so
                        bad, going to the White House. Liz is there, and Stella. Chan
wont have to lift a finger. And Jordan? Maybe he and I can put things back together. Either that, or Im
very high right now. I relax a little, and fall back into a deep sleep.*
~You do that, CJ, rest, and recover. Ill be here. As much as I can be.~ *Is the last thing I hear.*