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Not Senator Jordan Vexx , But
                               ICQ#: 92740292 if its on AIM: RmgdnX or Myth
                               and Rumor ... 12/18/2000 5:06:33 AM # 4091169

                               *I recognize that look, and appreciate it, feeling my
                               heart break, for the first time in three decades, I cant
                               begin to imagine my son's pain. I know how I would
                               feel were I in his shoes, and losing him. I would never
                               recover. He and Chan have such gentle, unjaded
                               souls, it isnt right for them to experience this, nor is it
                               right for Martin to have been the victem of his sisters
                               betrayal, and then have to explain it to others. My
                               family, for good or bad, is all I have in this world.*

                               *I ran for President of the United States, because I
felt alone, and powerless to change anything for the better in the future. I ran because without a family, I
felt I had no legacy to give the world. But tonight has shown me something I had long ago forgotten. My
legacy was one of the most precious things i oculd give the world. My son. Were it not for him. This
world would be a bit greyer, and bit dimmer, and tonight my brother nearly killed Christopher's light. But
I know my son. Through his pain and grief, he WILL find a way to shine ever brighter than ever before.
To lift Chan from whatever darkness that will claim her, and help her to heal. There is something about
people like those two, that make them the entire reason God made this earth, and this life. The hope I
have now, is in their faith, and devotion to one another, and their children. God love them. I pass through
the doors, looking for the strength to tell the rest of my family, whats happened.*