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Sammie's list of Jordanisms

Not a great name I know, but here are some things that Sammie will automatically know after spending any real time with Jord.

1. Jord has absolutely no idea where the trashcan is.

2.  Jord has to stick to his schedule every morning. Wake, shower, shave( or not), dress then whatever. If thats interrupted it disrupts his entire day

3. Jord eats no pork, nor does he break the Jewish law of mixing Milk product and meat in a six hour period

4. Jordan brushes his hair once in the morning, then not again until sometime in the evening, not even if its windblown.

5. Jord refuses to wear the same pair of pants two days  in a row, despite the fact that he could wear the same shirt all week long

6. Jord has no night clothes.  He prefers not to wear anything to bed.  But will wear shorts if Sammie is uncomfortable with that.

7. Jord can now loosely hold a tennis ball in his right hand.

8. He has a long scar that runs from the middle of his chest, down to the pantline.  He wont speak about it, no matter what

9. Jord calls his mom once a month, on a Friday night, and at about 7

10. Jord has two brothers, Randall, who is 42, and Chris, who is 21

11. Jords father is named Jacob, his mother is Hannah

12. Jordan's eyes change from brown to blue.  Theyre brown when hes calm and concentrated, they turn blue if he gets excited, or is extremely happy, or "turned on"

13. Jord wears the same pair of boots day in and day out.

14. Jordan loves Westerns, his favorites are "Tombstone" and "Pale Rider"  and he loves horror films. He absolutely hates spoofs, and dark comedy.

15.  Jordan listens to country, and hard rock.

16. Jordan goes by three other common aliases  "David Kristoff"  "Andrew Waller"  and "Jacob Horowitz"

17.  His ex-fiance's name was Sarah Ruth Horowitz (Note above) then married to become Mrs. Michah Topolski.

18.  He is 31 on October 18, this year

19 After ten years, he has more seniority than most Network agents, and has come to the point where he has long surpassed not only the life expectancy but sanity expectancy of network agents in general.  Its well known in the organization that if you dont lose your life within five years, your most likely to lose your sanity in eight.  This has started to come into play with his temper.

20. He has never celebrated Christmas.

Annoying habits
Tapping his foot, when he cant figure out a problem.  He will also pace like a caged animal when angry.
Puts his feet up on all the furniture, no matter whats on his shoes.
Runs around without clothes in the morning. Despite window curtains drawn or not.
Talks in his sleep
Wont admit to pain unless its bad enough to become alarming.
Has a tendancy to either forget names, or purposefully calls people by the wrong name.
Has a tendancy to drink to excess about once a week. (Which also poses another problem of it doing the opposite to him than it does to most men. It sends his libido through the roof. And he has a harder time controlling his urges when drunk.)
Jordan has an extremely bad temper.

Abandonment (Kinda  family trait, Tella's number 1 trait as well)
Being subdued, or unable to move. (his greatest phobia, this will if hes left in this condition long, drive him to a crazed state)
New fear:  Jordan has learned that he can be driven to a berserker state, in which he doesnt care who gets hurt by his own hands and has realized he has a great capacity to hurt, maim, or even kill those he loves.

When I think of more, Ill send them to you