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*Long day of talks, and absolutely nothing's come of
                               it, except that Ive firmed my resolve to impose at least
                               half embargo's on the shipping lanes to Mars. That
                               planet belongs to the US, and theres no way in hell or
                               Gods Green Earth Im giving it up, "Because they said
so". Someones going to have to come up with a better excuse than that. In my office, Ive retired for the
evening. Several papers in front of me. I pull one close. "Shipping Embargo: Goods: Luxury. / IE:
Jewelry, merchandise, sellable profit items." Across the bottom I scrawl my name.* One down...

*The second page reads "Embargo: Shipping: Mars: Plants/Animals:
                    Nonfood: Non Necessity." And across the bottom of that page, I scrawl
                    my name.* And two...