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CJ Vexx

CJ is a new retiree from the National Bullriders Association, and all Pro-rodeo, he has an unprecidented 22 Bullriding Championships, and 5 Team roping Medals. Felled by a career ending injury, CJ is currently trying to keep everything in the juggle, without dropping the ball. While his family is tearing itself apart at the seams, hes trying hard to break away from a 15 year affair, and dealing with a haunting back injury that may cost him his ability to walk.


CJ is a quiet, gentle man, who doesnt run into the fray as his father would. He prefers to remain lowkey, and in the background. When thrust into the spotlight, he will most likely withdraw.


Beside being the son of President Jordan Vexx, CJ is married to Chantal Cartier, and has fathered eight children. Martin, Michael, Michelle, Morgan, Margot, Margaretta, Melissa (D), and Matthew


CJ owns a ranch in Beaumont Texas, and shares a home with his father in Washington DC.