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                         Back to school, and for one thing. Im happy about it. Finally
                         getting back on track, back into a norm of sorts.

                         Of course, there is no norm, when your grandfather is the new
                         President of the United States. Yeah, I got alot of questions
                         about it. Yes, Ive seen the White House (I'd seen it years ago,
                         it hasnt changed.) Yes, Ive been mobbed by reporters. No, I
                         dont find it particularly funny. About an hour of questions from
                         my friends and classmates, then they left me alone.

My professors, well, a few of them have asked a question or two. But nothing fundamental has changed.
Im not treated different. Im grateful for that. They know me well enough to know I didnt all of a sudden,
become the prince of a nation or something. Im plain old Marty Vexx.

Odd thing happened between classes though. Someone asked me how my dad was. It gave me pause.
"Man, your dad just gets up from a bull like that, and walks off, and you dont know why I ask? You
guys made of rubber or something?"

I fake it, and say everythings fine, and it was a close call, but we didnt want to dwell on it. Its an
acceptable answer, thankfully.

But, Ill have to look into it. Maybe that would explain his behaviour recently.
Political civics law class.... not my all time favorite, but better than anything to keep me distracted.