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Arcadia's new name and benefactors

Due to some developements, Ive been asked to change the name, and affiliation of Arcadia. While its a small change, it will affect roleplay for Arcadians greatly.

For now, the school will be known as
Foundation Academy For Advanced Arts and Sciences

Or just call it the Foundation, or Academy, it doesnt matter.  What does matter, is there will be a money crunch for the school, and a few things will be gone.  First, the Battledome technology will have to be redeveloped since the patent belonged to someone else, as well as Century, the mainline computer.  These changes will take place over the course of the semester.

The Foundations benefactors are:

The Genetics Group of Boston. (A group of genetics researchers, who help to fund tuition and scholarships for those wishing to go into the genetics field.)
The Daybreak Foundation  (The group that funds arts tuition and scholarships for students wishing to go into music and music tenchnology.  Left behind in memory of Jack Daybreak)
The New England Arts Council (Basically the same premise about tuition and scholarships, but widespectrum towards the arts.)
Donner Entertainment (A European entertainment company)

Personal donations have yet to start coming in.