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Ladies and Gentlemen,  thank you.

I spent many years in the senate, without a single thought to becoming your president. 

Tonight I stand before you, truly humbled, and honored to be chosen by you to lead this country for the next four years.

I want to congradulate my opponents for making this, probably the most interesting race in presidential election history.  We are a nation of leaders, from every corner of our great country, we stand together, one nation.  Our philosophies may be different, but we are all Americans and come together to show the world what a truly great nation we have always been and will always continue to be.  My opponents worked very hard on their campaigns, making me work all that much harder, I thank them for that.

Now I want to put the politics aside, and speak openly to the public.
There is alot of mistrust passed through this campaign, reporters have dug into the past of myself and my running mate, only to find the truth.  Vice President elect Henderson has been and always will be a therapist.  His medicine comes first and foremost.  My own past involved the rescue of missing and exploited children.  How that can be construed as mistrustful is a reach on any level.   I realize how sensationalism sells news, and I realize I may not be a popular president in the face of the media, but that will not stop me from executing this office for the better of our country.

My fellow Americans, I will lead your country into the next great era of  the world.  And by God, we will be the strongest, most noble nation on the face of the planet.  Whether it be the negotiations over Mars, the policy surrounding education, legislation on cloning. We will prevail to become more prosperous, stronger, and more powerful than at any point in our history.

That starts tonight.  Thank you.