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Name: Lorna Dane
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eyes: Dark green
Hair: Light green

Polaris is a Magnetic Manipulator.  She is not as strong as Magneto, but she has the potential to be as powerful, or more powerful than the Master of Magnetism himself.
Polaris has been involved in a number of mutant forces, including:
The Marauders, X-Factor, and the X-Men (reserve membership).

History:  Lorna grew up as an adopted daughter.  She has a spotty past, which she has at times been believed to be related to several different Marvel Characters.  As a young woman, Lorna had no outward signs of mutancy, she had brown hair and green eyes.  But as her mutant powers developed, her hair changed to the current green.  She went to college at ESU and dated Robert Drake (Iceman), and found a friend in Alex Summers (Havok). For a short time she was a member of the X-Men, but quickly retired to devote time to her chosen career as a geophysicist.  Partnered with Summers, the two retired to the island nation of Genosha, but were asked by government liason Val Cooper to become members of the newly reformed X-Factor. She has been manipulated by Malice, Mesmero, and an army of others.

At this time, Lorna is in Marvel Limbo, after watching the airplane Havok was piloting blow up, sending him into an alternate universe.

Marvel Super Heroes Action Game Statistics
intellect 5d
agility  5c
willpower 5x
edge 1
handsize 3(17)
markmenship,martial arts,geology
detection:13(magnetic fields)
magnetic control:12(flight(passangers) force field)