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Welcome to Magnetic Attractions, a Polaris Fan-Site, because as you well know, there aren't enough fan-sites for the Mistress of Magnetism.

Here, you'll find pictures, appearances, rumors, history and everything else that makes Polaris unique, and she is. After all, how many green haired women can be a strong, sexy force to be reckoned with that you know? (Aside from She-Hulk....err...Ill just not go there. Heh!) Didnt think you had an answer for that, just thought Id test you.


If you like what you see, please tell me, Im anxious to hear from you. Email me at


If you dont know her, she is the Mistress of Magnetism, quite possibly the most powerful, destructive female force on the face of the planet. Not because of her power, but because she is in Marvel Limbo, and we all know what happens when Marvel places a character in Limbo...they sometimes come back different.

But for now, she is Lorna Dane, mutant, X-Man...Acolyte?

Her recent dealings with Magneto, to learn and hone her skills, may have left a soft spot in her heart for her Mentor, or perhaps, he has finally broken the camel's back with her, it hasnt been their first meeting, and is no doubt, not their last.


Here I have as much about Polaris as I can find, or remember. Many of the pictures are my own scans, some are from friends who knew I was putting the site together. If you have questions, Ill be glad to answer them.