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damage bonus Weapons that have damage bonus
+1 Slingshots, rocks, needles, broken bottles, whips
+2 Hatchets, knives, arrows, zip guns, boomerangs
+3 Needle pistols, spears, manhole covers, stun guns
+4 swords, rifles, revolvers, battleaxes
+5 oversized weapons, lazers, well aimed cars, most magic weapons
+6 or more Thor's hammer, Valkyrie's sword, bazookas

Examining Weapon Damage

Defense Bonus Armors that have this defense bonus
+1 Heavy leather, wooden shields, flack jackets
+2 Chain mail, kevlar, bulletproof glass, riot shields
+3 plate armor, stone skin, metal shields, most exoskeletons
+4 titanium armor, diamon skin
+5 adamantium armor, most magical armor
+6 or more Juggernaut's armor, Captain America's shield

Examining Armor

In Marvel, heroes have defense equal to their Strength so most of them dont wear any extra protection. But a few heroes wear additional unpowered armor, and some (like the THING) have extra-tough hides. In this case, their hero sheets list Body Armor plus-a-number, such as a "+4" defense bonus. Defense can also be improved through nonphysical means, such as distraction.

Shields can be used as armor or weapons.

Taken from MSHAG Game Book

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