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Tellas Statistics
Intellect 4B
Willpower 6A
Strength 3D
Agility 8C
Intellect- Aeronautics, Energy Control, Spacecraft
Willpower-Teaching, Survival, Politics, Observation
Strength- Climbing
Agility-Piloting, Repair

Power  Energy Conversion- Tella draws geokenetic energy, and transforms it into heat or chill, depending on her energy level at the time.  During high energy moments shes able to use heat as her weapon, however, if Tella's energy is low, or she is using a smaller amount of power, she will use only cold air.  Manifestations happen mostly as strands, or small currents of air, that she has learned to manipulate into powerfully strong currents concentrated enough to open doors, or larger currents that are able to instantly freeze a living being, however, she has yet to be able to control the larger blasts enough to keep herself safe at the same time.  She also uses the milder currents as a form of identification of others in or around her presence.

Edge- 2 Having led Arcadia for a year and a half, and being a former quasi-militant, Tella has learned her lessons.
Calling-Guardian Tella feels compelled to keep her school safe.  Anyone threatening that will meet with her anger and a mother's sense of protection.  She would gladly give her life if it meant keeping her students and loved ones safe.
Hindrance-Phobic Tella is terrified of rats, if she cant leave the presence of rats, she will become extremely reluctant to move, or co-erce.  She also has a rising fear of people leaving.  She will go to any length to keep loved ones from leaving for any longer than a short vacation.

Personality-  Tella is mostly down to earth, and quiet.  She can be eaily intimidated by those she holds as important persons, including Otto, she will be quiet, and withdrawn, almost afraid to speak.  After time, she will relax and become more comfortable, however, any idea that this person is unhappy, with her or someone else, she will withdraw again.  In public she is much more relaxed, almost too businesslike at times.  Its her protection.  As long as its business, it holds no personal bearing on her, and her self esteem.   Tella has begun to notice that people are attracted to her in some manner, and look up to her for advise, and wisdom.  She draws on this for her strength to be a public figure.  Shes been in and near the spotlight of the public for her entire adult life, and  has learned to handle it with grace and skill, but inwardly, she would rather be in a close space with only those closest to her.  Her charisma has garnered the attention of national leaders and society's more outspoken, and for all her skill and grace in the presence of others, shes much more comfortable with those who dont care, or speak about things like that.