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Power Sources

A hero's powers can come from any one of a hundred different sources, but a few recur with amazing regularity.  Individual powers are not linked to specific sources; any power can come from any source approved by the reviewer.

Power Source Short Description
Some powers are gained by seeking self improvment.  Learned powers can be improved through study and are usually vulnerable to amnesia.
A power can be passed on from a parent.  Such powers manifest as a dominant family trait and are surprisingly hard to ditch.  If your hero gains powers this way, the history built into such a power usually makes this hero easy to find, and comparisons to his or her progenitors, favorable or unfavorable, will be legion.
If your hero is from another society or race, he or she may come with some odd features.  These are usually easy to spot, but very difficult to nullify.  Humans come with no special traits except our galaxy-renowned indomitable spirit and creativity.
A mutant hero manifests genetically-derived traits not possessed by either parent, usually at puberty.  Mutation has increased dramatically with the dawn of the nuclear age, as have fears of mutants.  Mutations can be tracked by the mutant locating powers and are vulnerable to some nullification devices.
If your hero doesn't sprout wings at puberty, you can take comfort in the knowledge that a blast of radiation can provide those wings at a remarkably accelerated rate.  Of course, it can also turn your hero into the Hulk.  Besides its lethality, radiation is notoriously unpredictable, and further irradiation can alter powers without warning.  Geiger counters can track some irradiated heroes.
Power Transfer
Many beings and devices can imue permanant powers.  Androids and Heralds of Galactus are created this way, as are inhumans who breathe the mutating terrigan mist.  Still, as the Silver Surfer and Terrax learned, the source of the gift can often take
 Other beings and devices imbue their powers by taking control of an individual.  The host gains the powers of the possessor in exchange for his or her mind.  Possession can be uncovered by mind scans, and is assailable by exorcism.
If your hero has a cube or magic sword or supercomputer, that gives powers, loss of equipment equals loss of powers.  Also, unless an item is permanantly bound to the hero, anyone can use the device with some success.  So dont worry if your hero loses a device, itll return soon-and we dont mean that in a good way.

Taken from MSHAG Game Book

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