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Welcome to the introduction chapter of the MSHAG rules for Marvel Universe role playing.  Please take time to read through the chapters carefully.  I hope it sheds some light on our system and method of role playing.  We do not use dice or cards in our game, but we cant necessarily call it free form. This tutorial consists of information taken directly from the MSHAG manuals, and all right belong to TSR  you can visit their website at . All characters and character representations belong to Marvel Comics, unless noted by the author.
Link Short Description
An introduction to callings and description of the 24 different callings offered
This while most important for leaders, will also address the meaning of edge, and explain the importance of it.
Call the doctor! Someone's been injured!  How to play off your Superhero's injuries
A short note on law, and its bearing on heroic action, and consequences
Of use to team leaders, and rpers in general, this page handles edge, 
diplomacy and politics
Power sources
Find out how your hero got their special abilities.
Also check the equipment  subsection.
A reference as to what makes superteams the constant presence they are.
The Turn
How to know where the game will turn, and what is the ultimate cliffhanger.
On playing villains, and what it takes to be the bad guys.
Description of weapons and armor used in marvel universe, and their values