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Leadership, and what it means to be an exemplar.


Edge reflects a hero's ability to find quick answers to the strange situations he or she faces in life- in other words, how likely he or she is to have the edge over someone else. This number, ranging from 0-4, has a direct effect on play.  The more a character faces tough situations, the more likely they will be able to figure out a solution quicker.  Over time, an edge may increase.  A soldier, or investigator will have a larger edge than a taxi driver, or disc jockey. However, the same can be said for the case of world class heroes such as  Captain America who has an edge of 4, over Cyclops whos edge is 3.  Cap has led the Avengers much longer, and has the experience gained in WWII, where Cyclops was never in the war. Captain America will find quicker answers, and command more field respect than Cyclops.  An edge has a huge bearing on a leaders ability to lead his group.  A leader with an edge of 1 or even 2 will find their subordinants often disobeying orders, and more likely than not, not understanding commands.  Heroes with a large edge, will be able to make this wishes understood, where smaller edged leaders will find themselves often having trouble making decisions without argument.

Understanding Diplomacy

Diplomacy is the art of talking.  Thats all it is.  It is the ability to stop a fight, or end one with as little violence as possible.  It is the skill of being able to speak to someone without angering them to a violent act.  Diplomacy is a MUST HAVE for world leaders, politicians, and those who hold important positions within a company, or team.  A leader with little or no diplomatic skills will either be overthrown, or end up killing his team needlessly.
Team leaders sometimes choose a public relations officer, if diplomacy on thier part is in need.  They often choose  someone who is skilled in law, psychology, or have already made their name in the public. This person, will be the liason between his/her leader and the public. 
The cold cruel world of Politics
Its an ugly world, and an even uglier practice.  Politics. Which is also known as "playing up to the people".
Politics is not only necessary, but it's everywhere.  From the guy above you at work, trying to keep his job, to the guy below you trying to take yours.  The world of sleight and underhanded dealings is also politics.  In leadership, politics means keeping your team happy.
It means knowing the history of actions.  Whether its having studied Cap for years, to being a history major, it means you know how to steer your group away from trouble, and making them feel safe while you do it. Politics is jockeying for position, or keeping yours secure.  It means not allowing someone the upper-hand in an arguement, or being able to point out factors they cannot dispute.
Politics means being able to make people see the good side of things, instead of continually facing down times. Its "Knowing when to hold em, when to fold em, when to walk away, and when to run" .
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Taken from MSHAG Game Book

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