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NAME: Tella Daybreak (Stella Dover-Daybreak)
AGE: 27
HEIGHT: 5'2"
EYES: green

LEGAL STATUS: duo citizenship, USA (By Marriage), and Austria

OCCUPATION: current administrator for Arcadia ITP //Freelance aerospace
                       design engineer


FAMILY: Mother:Mary Sullivan   FATHER: Steven Dover, STEPMOTHER: Desire Dover, Brother:  Jason Dover, several other sisters and brothers.

PAST AFFILIATIONS: Overpower, Daybreak Entertainment, freelance work for NASA

CURRENT AFFILIATIONS: Arcadia Enterprises, NASA, Austria Corps of Engineers.


SKILLS piloting and aircraft repair, aeronautics, energy control, teaching
POWERS: draws on energy from the earth, and converts it in various forms of powered heat and cold.  By using small streams of air, she conducts the heat or cold as a blast, or a simple nudge
Tella grew up in Dallas Texas, under the care of her mother who was a nightclub dancer.  She lived in a one bedroom apartment above the nightclub, and spent her childhood trying to avoid the "dregs of society" who frequented the bar, and paid her mother for further entertainment after the show.
Tella never considered herself a traumatized child, she took great pleasure in simple things she found, or became involved in.  Friendly to just about everyone, she had several "adopted" families from friends she had made in school, thus never much worrying about her homelife.

Tella was remanded to the state after a weekend of drugs and booze left her mother unable to care for her.  At that time she was sent to live in Austria with her natural father and his considerably sized family.  She had eight other brothers and sisters of which she found little use for.  She didnt care for their high society ways, and instead preferred to spend her time with the servents children in the town of Schattenburg.  Her father also hosted many guests at the house,  and despite warnings by both her father and step-mother, Tella was bold to get to know her fathers guests.  She quickly learned of mercenaries and general "hide'ems" of the world.

Several years later, she was proposed to by a visiting American blues artist, who sometimes took refuge from touring and record making at the Schattenburg estate.  Tellas father owned the record company he worked for, and found that Jack Daybreak was pleasant company.  Tella also found Daybreak pleasant company, and accepted his proposal, agreeing learn about entertainment artist management.  She and Jack later put together a management company Daybreak Entertainment, and went  on to manage several large careers, before Jack was shot and killed by a surprised burgler on Christmas Eve.

At this point, Tella decided that it was time to change everything about her life.  Having studied aeronautics as a minor in college, she applied her skills and went back to school to get a degree in aerospace engineering.  She met and was hired by Overpower during a seminar on combat helicopter mechanics.  She served just over a year at the New York base before it was de-commissioned.  She took a small vacation at that time, and was approached by representatives of Arcadia Enterprises.  She agreed to the administrative position at a new concept school, who will host both humans and mutants without prejudice.

She now serves as Arcadia Institutes only visible leader and decision maker, working in tandem with Sam Otto to put together a generation of students who were taught to work together without regard for mutancy.

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