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Stella never really made friends easily. Those she did make were of extreme importance to her. She invested herself as much into her friendships as she did her close family.

Joel Simms Former Teammate/advisor  
V Arcadian "Caw-fee?"
Director Hammond Director of the now organizing Network Operations group "You dont have to like what we do here, you just have to like the results."
Christopher Pullen Leader of the mutant pro-action team Genesis  
Heinrick and Missa Wahl Childhood friends, now house-servants in Schattenburg "What does the family know about us? Hrm? We have something stronger than blood between us, and a few years isnt going to change it."
Geoff Brinn Late husbands former band-mate/best friend "You dont have to love everybody. Just the ones who give you stuff....just kidding"
Terra Meyers Fellow Elemental, confidante.