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While extensive, Stella's family is rather distant, and spread out.  With the exception of Sam Otto, she doesnt cling to them half as strongly as she would her friends, associates and students.  And although theyve never directly told her, shes always felt a bit out of place in their presence.

Sam "Bolt" Otto Lover/ Common Law Husband
Robert J. Donner Father
Anna Vasman Mother
Desire Donner Step Mother
Sean Donner Brother
Eric Donner Brother
Rebecca Gustoffson Sister
Collin Donner Brother
William Donner Brother
Opal Donner Sister
Steven Donner Brother
James Daybreak (Deceased) Late Husband
Lorraina Daybreak Mother of Jack
Victor Daybreak Father of Jack
Kenneth Daybreak Brother of Jack
Harlen Daybreak Brother of Jack
Sylvia Daybreak Sister of Jack