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Those Stella associates with are probably her strongest quality.  Her associations are as diverse and spread out as her family.  She keeps ties on just about anyone she meets.  Her resources place her as the premiere contact for "The Network", an underground group of experienced soldiers and investigators who hire out to the highest bidder.  Even though the Network was begun by her father and about a dozen associates, Stella made certain that each associate was at least familiar with her name.

Corgan Wer Arcadian Associate/Former Overpower Teammate
Miya Knight/Imawano Arcadian Associate/Former Overpower Teammate
Maevyn Network Associate
Deadpool Mercenary, answered callout, hired once for protection
Savage Member of Genesis
Magneto Ruler of Genosha
David Sabien CEO of White Oracle
Owen Wales Network Associate
Aiden Heigh Network Associate
Ted Moyer Network Associate